It is a known fact, that team buildings are one of the most effective corporative “bonding” tools and events used for team bonding, since every individual contributes equally and performs best to achieve the organization’s goal. Hyundai Serbia organized their January team building in Slovenia, precisely at Ptuj and Grand Hotel Primus, which is a part of Sava Hotels and Resorts, known for organizing meeting with character, so the chosen location for the presentation of new electrical vehicles at GH Primus was not a surprise.

Hyundai Serbia usually organizes team buildings on more “exotic” or more known locations, so they were a little bit sceptical at the beginning about organizing the event at GH Primus. But at the end they were more than satisfied with all the organization and after a very successful event they literally saw that Sava Hotels and Resorts truly organize meetings with character. The whole programme and Ptuj as the location proved to be the top choice for all their needs and wishes. The professionalism and uniqueness of GH Primus was shown through all their organization and the whole program which left Hyundai Serbia team with excitement.

The 4-day teambuilding event was held at GH Primus and region which offers amazing scenery and amazing possibilities to discover the nature, culinary offer and hospitality of local people. Participants enjoyed amazing and diverse teambuilding programme, from culinary tour in Prekmurje region which comprised of guided tour of Ham making factory Kodila, sled race at Pohorje and culinary treats from Pohorje region, city tour of Ptuj and lunch at Ptuj castle, Roman dinner at GH Primus with special hedonistic indulgence and Roman culinary, etc. All in all, their taste buds truly got hedonistic pleasure.

The participants were positively surprised by the unique and creative team building programme, regional culinary offer, the hospitality and friendliest of Sava Hotels and Resorts staff. GH Primus professionality offered the participants everything and even more to take sure the Hyundai Serbia team connects even in the relaxing, beautiful environment. Sava Hotels and Resort once again proved to be one of the best Slovenian MICE players, providing its guest everything possible with creative and unique team building programme, amazing culinary and hospitality, topped with the most professional staff which proved again that they truly organize meetings with characters.