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ID Predictions Conference Belgrade

Falkensteiner Hotel in Belgrade will host the IDC 2017

Innovations drive the modern world and we cannot imagine a world without it. Organizations like IDC organize a wide range of events to create dialogues about the effective use of information and communication technology in modern businesses, latest trends and key issues, and the changing economic, social, and regulatory environments affecting both the sale and use of ICT. Following the successful IDC Prediction Conference events already held this year in Istanbul, Warsaw, Zagreb, Prague, Vienna and Sarajevo, next week the Falkensteiner Hotel in Belgrade will also host one of the IDC 2017 events, the IDC Predictions Conference Belgrade 2017.

The Belgrade conference will offer numerous interactive sessions, grouped around selected technologies and industries, to facilitate brainstorming, experience sharing, and provocative discussions in the finance, banking, telecom, manufacturing, government and public sector, retail and wholesale, business services, healthcare industry and many more.

In recent years, Belgrade has become visible and more interesting to tourists and investors due to the positive changes in macroeconomic environment and increased business activity. The city has become a growing MICE destination, achieving a significant progress in the number of international events. Serbian capital with 1.8 million inhabitants is the economically most developed part of Serbia and tourism in Belgrade today primarily refers to business guests and lower-budget leisure tourists. Located in the new part of Belgrade, the Falkensteiner Hotel offers a fully equipped 700 m² of modern meeting and conference area and conference participants will enjoy all their best amenities, high quality services in their 6 modern conference rooms. With the help and architectural design of hotel architect Boris Podrecca, the hotel has succeeded in redefining the classical business hotel image and the Falkensteiner Hotel Belgrade amazes its guests with the grandiosity and attractive, unique appearance.