The 2017 Gas Conference in Zagreb has in 2 days, from 15th to 16th February 2017 provided a place to promote supply diversity for the CEE Region. Held in the Sheraton Zagreb Hotel, located in the city’s centre and just a stroll away from some Zagreb’s main history attractions, lively cafés and bars, the Sheraton Hotel is known for hosting from big international events to small happenings at their beautiful 13 meeting rooms and a 600 m² Grand Ballroom. 

The conference is connecting all key stakeholders including gas suppliers, TSOs, regulators, government members, commercial executives and industry consultants thus providing a platform for the strategic roadmap to a diverse and secure natural gas future for the region. In a time of economic uncertainty and energy uncertainty, the area needs guidelines and strategies for best outcome for the whole CEE region. This is especially true for the CEE region of countries from Baltics to the Balkans, which is undergoing a process of profound change in terms of its interconnected energy market dynamics. The constant evolution of liberalised energy markets, the need for supply security and diversity, and the political and economic volatility of the region have created a matrix of interacting elements which can influence the issue of natural gas security for the EU.

Participants are discovering the opportunities of this developing market in a 2-day rich conference programme that features some of the industry’s most prominent speakers. Learning about some key issues such as energy politics, infrastructure development, trading, regulation, financing and commercialisation. And participating in detailed discussion on commercial projects, infrastructure developments or trading opportunities. It is simply the place to learn, network & do business.

The CEE Gas Conference already announced its return in March 2018.