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MCB Launches AIME Social Media Competition


Melbourne Convention Bureau (MCB) has today launched a new social media competition for hosted buyers and visitors during the Asia-Pacific Incentives and Meetings Expo (AIME) titled #UncoverMelbourne.

Participants are encouraged to get inspired and upload what they have uncovered in Melbourne, and demonstrate this in their own unique and creative way on social media.

During AIME there are ample opportunities to discover all that Melbourne has to offer as a business events destination, especially as part the Uncover Melbourne program developed by MCB, including City Touring Experiences, The Magic of Flemington Hosted Buyer Welcome, The Charm of the Yarra Breakfast, Melbourne Edge Event Series or AIME Welcome Event.

Additionally, participants will have moments of discovery in their general travels through Melbourne during AIME. This could include anything such as a hidden CBD laneway, great coffee, friendly local face on the street, a regional wine, a stunning tree lined street or public artwork. The options for discovery are limitless, so whatever or where ever it is, MCB is encouraging AIME attendees to snap and share it.

Director of SDP Media, Sam D’Agostino, has provided the following tips:

· Find the light — make sure the subject is facing a light source, as opposed to the light coming from behind. This will provide a better quality photo. Lighter images are statistically more likeable than darker images.

· Keep it simple — have one subject as the focus and keep it simple.

· Focus — make sure a photo is in focus and don’t use the front camera on a phone to take the image. Tap the screen on your phone where you want the camera to focus and it will adjust the cameras focus.

· Create shareable images — take photos that your audience will want share and that tell a story.

· Tone and Texture — play around with textures and colours. One dominant colour helps the image stand out (blue is a winner) and textures create a more interesting image.

· Captions – your caption is as important as your picture. Tell us the story and keep it short, sharp and concise.

· Have fun – experiment, try new things and most importantly have fun with it!

Prizes will be awarded throughout AIME for the most creative entries. To be eligible to win entries need to include the #UncoverMelbourne hashtag and entrants must have a public profile.

Entries will be digitally displayed on the Melbourne Stand thanks to MCB partner, Enplug. Large screens set up at the entrance of the Melbourne Stand will feature a live stream of entries, as well as other social media content uploaded by hosted buyers and visitors during AIME. It’s a great opportunity to see your photos bought to life!

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