Brewery as part of local authenticity

Villach, Carinthia’s second largest town is ideal for a short break and combines a magic combination of the city’s energy with the bonus of lakes and mountains, surrounding the region. One of the oldest Villach traditions is beer brewing and for over 200 years they have been known for producing high quality beer. The love for brewing dates back to 1751 with 24 active brewers that were the reason Villach became known as the brewery centre of Carinthia. Villacher Brauerei (Villach brewery) was established in 1858, first known under the name Fischer Brewery, when the entrepreneur Johann Fischer converted the old brewery into a boiler brewer’s brewery. And from the very beginning, the beers of the brewery always enjoyed great popularity. In the following years, top sales were generated, which lead to a new double plant, spacious fermentation and storage cellar with artificial cooling and artificial ice making, as well as built above-ground filling halls. In addition to the Villach success, brewery branches were opened in Trieste and Venice (Italy) and also Istria and Pula (Croatia). One of the confirmation of successful work and beer quality came also with the brewery being awarded as the REGAL Champions brand and a gold medalist by the Villacher Radler Naturtrüb. Today, Villach Brewery is part of a local tradition and supports various cultural and sporting events.


Placed in the city’s centre, the Holiday Inn and Congress Center Villach makes it a truly convenient place for strolling around the city while visiting the brewery. The hotel’s inside connection with its congress centre makes it practical and adjustable when organizing meetings and events. No wonder the Congress Center Villach is one of Austria’s most attractive and innovative congress locations in this area. Together with a 4-star luxury hotel, excellent services and award winning chef de cuisine, this is truly a winning combination and environment for meetings and accommodation. Location by the Drau river with great views from the dining area or terrace will help you enjoy the food even more. What more can you ask for?

Some mayor development and improvements were made in the brewery after 2011 that helped build and invest in new plant engineering. With its great history and brewery development, your meetings will definitely be unique and different from any others. The opportunity to look over 250 years of life and changes of brewery will astonish you and you will appreciate the beer brewing process even more.

A couple meters away from the brewery, you can find a typical Austrian pub called Villacher Brauhof. It is owned and managed by the brewery, which explains the interior design of the pub, filled with their brewery tradition. They serve traditional Austrian dishes, of course accompanied with their tasteful and various beer choice. The place is spacious and with opened garden this place is appropriate to host also larger groups.



The old town has its magical charm and the whole area is conveniently easy to navigate around. From the main square where Trinity Column stands, you will still find the remains of an old civilization, picturesque houses where the old post used to be, an old church on the top of the old town with views of the whole city and Drau river dividing it.


Landskron Hill is home to the macaque monkey resort. This is an area where monkeys have their own personal freedom, so you can visit their natural habitat and observe their way of living, acting and communication with each other. It is an interesting site on the area you would not expect, accompanied with a great view of the region.


The lemon garden near Villach, the largest lemon garden in Austria, comprises over 200 different sorts of lemons from all over the world. It is worth a visit for a perfect blend of plants, ponds and products made of lemons. Your taste buds will discover lemon heaven and here you will personally experience the saying: “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade”.

Hot springs located in Warmbad near Villach are basically natural hot springs in the middle of the woods, which are active only in springtime. The entry for the hot springs is free and the water is hot enough for bathing and it is really popular spot with the locals.

The term “lager beer” means that the beer has been stored and matured in the brewery and it is not meant for permanent storage preservation. When lager beer comes from the brewery it has already reached its optimum quality condition and bottled lager beer should be drunk within half a year time. It unique taste is based on the time – the younger the beer, the fresher it tastes. If you want to store beer for a few days or weeks, you should note that it doesn’t tolerate light and loves cool, dark rooms. Any kind of bright light is harmful, since this causes chemical reactions in the beer, which leads to a slightly “musty” smell. Typically, the beer should be stored in a light-protected room at a constant temperature of 6 to 8 degrees Celsius. Extreme cold or heat can lead to beer quality problems. Even if the temperature is too low, there is a risk of cold deterioration. And on the other hand, excessively high temperatures, can cause oxidation and thus a loss of taste.


Centrally located in Carinthia, it is just 3,5 hours’ car drive to Vienna, Munich and Venice and an approximately hour drive from Ljubljana. Nearby airports are Klagenfurt, Ljubljana and also Vienna.


Brauhausgasse 6, Villach Austria
T: +43 (0) 4242 / 27 777-0

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