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Turismo de Lisboa Launches Program to Attract and Host Congresses

Photo credits: Turismo de Lisboa

The Turismo de Lisboa Association (ATL) has just announced that it will launch a program to support the capture and holding of congresses, corporate and associative events in the Portuguese capital.

The funds to be granted are financed by the Lisbon Tourism Development Fund, which is a result of the tourist fees applied, and is a complement to the national tourism support system of Turismo de Portugal.

Paula Oliveira

Paula Oliveira, ATL’s executive director, stresses that “This program is an essential tool to energise Lisbon as a tourist destination with a strong offer of assets to hold congresses. Business Tourism allows us to raise Lisbon to a new level of excellence in international promotion and we believe that this program will contribute to consolidating the good tourist performance of the city.”

Funds will be allocated by echelons, these being defined by the individual occupancy of bednights, according to the expected number of participants, as well as the time the congress or event occurs.

The funding obeys to the regulation of this support program to attract and hold congresses and corporate and associative events up until 600 attendants, namely in what regards eligible expenses, applications and their procedures, grant agreement and beneficiary obligations, with the necessary adaptations.