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9th Assembly of Dubrovnik Convention Bureau in light of positive tourist year 2016

The 9th Assembly of the Dubrovnik Tourist Board presented the results of a very successful year 2016 with 12 % increase in tourist arrivals and an increase of 13 % overnight stays compared to 2015. Introduction of assembly also formally presented new official Assembly representative Mark Blažeka from company Hotels Lero, stepping instead of the former representative Nataša Bašić. Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Hrvoje Jelić presented a brief report of Dubrovnik Tourist Board 2016 results and positively evaluated previous work of its management.

Croatian business tourism is one of the primary tourist products of Croatia which has taken some major steps in recent year in terms of strengthening the business tourism, with the reopening of Croatian Convention Bureau, establishing some new airline routes and strategically prolonging the typical seasons that last from Spring to Fall. With many positive results, not just this years, their strategy is proving to be right and the country, known for amazing nature resources, rich cultural and historic part, is becoming known for being a top congress destination, with excellent infrastructure, national support and professional services.

The Assembly was conducted in positive atmosphere and spirit, with lots of optimism for the future of Dubrovnik and Croatian congress and of course tourism industry.

Romana Vlašić, director of the Dubrovnik Tourist Board presented the financial report and the report on their operations for 2016, emphasizing: “Last year was extremely successful in terms of tourism for the city of Dubrovnik. We won the double title of “tourism champion” for which we are very proud”. She also pointed out the re-establishment of former direct line Frankfurt – Dubrovnik and the importance of lines Istanbul – Dubrovnik” as one of greatest achievements. According to her report, the financial and program performance showed no major deviations from the plan and the amount of the difference between revenues and expenditures at the end is evaluated at 3,765.47 EUR. Among the successful projects, she pointed out the updating of TIC Lopud, Good Food Festival, etc. and listed numerous fairs and presentations where Dubrovnik Tourist Board participated.