Photo credits: Kompot

The hipster way of life is an urban subculture that is starting to excite more and more meeting participants. Hipster fashion across Europe is guided by retro style, all the way from the bearded mountain man and the blogging vintage queen right through to the bearded Williamsbourger. On first inspection Bratislava mightn’t really feel like the hipster capital of the world, but look a bit more closely and there are some locations that will definitely impress your congress guests, spaces that offer a different perspective to the onlooker’s eye and come with no shortage of vintage props, once written-off pieces of furniture and those small details that create a feel of romantic nostalgia.

If by any chance your meetings in Bratislava allow you to take a bit of time off, we recommend a visit to a bar called Urban House. This bar puts the concept of an open space for socializing at the forefront and is the hotspot for everything hipster. The interior design alone tells an interesting story and the different styles of carefully chosen pieces of furniture give the space a living room-type vibe. Complementing the many enviable antiques the bar is full of other different bits and bobs, such as dog-eared books, old photos, cool posters all together with excellent local and international craft beers. The space makes you feel comfortable and calm; it arrests the rapid tempo of life and takes you back to the 60s and 70s with its retro elements inside. A visit to the Urban House is a unique experience that, without doubt, will get you extra hipster points! Besides its cool factor, the bar also offers excellent coffee, great music and artefacts from a different era. Its story definitely makes it stand out from the crowd in Bratislava.

Urban House
Photo credits: Urban House

If your event offers you another chance to sneak out for some fresh air you should definitely visit the Old Market Hall, which is a great opportunity to get up close and personal with the locals. For a long time the open market was a neglected building, but thanks to a group of volunteers it has ben transformed into the hottest venue for concerts and other events in Bratislava. On Saturdays it is your ordinary marketplace with an emphasis on local and organic food, as well as excellent antiques and books. But a week later it becomes a unique cultural centre, with performances from local celebrities and international artists, like Macy Gray. The space is also a great special venue that can be booked for receptions, conferences and events.

Tired of identikit shopping malls with their ubiquitous labels? Bratislava’s local trademark, called Kompot (which in direct translation means ‘sliced fruit in sweetened water’), will definitely be up your alley then. Their shop sits right across the street from the Urban House bar, which means you can expand your wardrobe with cool T-shirts packed inside jars on the way for a beer or coffee. In addition to their collection of funky T-shirts they also offer books, postcards, accessories, bags and underwear. If your visit to Bratislava deprives you of any spare time, their online store is also worth a visit.

Lovers of Slovak design will definitely appreciate the Slowatch store in the centre of town. Their store, based on minimalistic interior design, is home to everything from chic clothing by local designers to hipster hand-made bicycles. The space brings together Slovak designers, lovers of retro bikes and other Slovak creative minds, who run the store/gallery. On top of all that the store is also used as a space for smaller-sized events.