Participants (up to 300) will encounter a wide range of challenges in teams of six within 2,5 hours, with a digital tablet in hand. Challenges include taking pictures of specific places, making short video clips, solving puzzles, scanning objects and many others. A dedicated app will guide teams through the Disneyland Park thanks to photos, videos and interactive maps, taking them on a journey through the stories of Disneyland® Park. The use of a tablet enables teams to connect the park’s rich landscapes with a story specially created for the game.

From story-telling to story-living, Disney Business Solutions offers collaborators the chance to create their own stories thanks to digital tools. Participants are totally immersed in an exciting adventure, a way to amplify emotions and strengthen the team cohesiveness. Consequently, transformating the team-building experience.

According to Bruno Ruslier, event designer at Disney Business Solutions and Roadmap to Adventure’ s creator: “Thanks to new technologies, we can offer an experience that goes beyond the park’s attractions and unveils all its inner secrets, thus creating a shared unforgettable moment for all the company’s collaborators”.

About Disney Business Solutions
Disney Business Solutions is the entity in charge of business tourism and special events in Disneyland ® Paris, Europe’s leading integrated destination (hotels, restaurants, rental spaces, activities, etc.). The market leader, Disney Business Solutions has been organising around 850 events a year for the last 24 years. Its teams rely on the power of Disney DNA, the creator of storytelling, and mobilise all their expertise to place emotion at the heart of their events in order to turn them into unforgettable stories

SOURCEKongres Magazine
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