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Iconic event ‘techsytalk LIVE’ confirms the Event Tech Tribe as technology partners for 2017

Techsytalk LIVE, the industry’s premier event tech conference for meeting planners, has confirmed an exclusive partnership with the Event Tech Tribe to provide the entire technology platform for their upcoming June event in New York City.

The Event Tech Tribe is a collaborative ensemble of businesses that have chosen to work together technically, but more importantly, to coordinate at a client level. The Tribe offers event professionals access to technologies, expertise and support from its member companies, whose solutions address critical event management workflows including registration, content management, staffing, mobile applications, attendee badging and tracking, and interactive presentations.

The one-day event will take advantage of the entire suite of solutions available from the Tribe. “We’re extremely excited to embrace the energy the Tribe team brings to our industry,” said techsytalk CEO, Liz King. “The Tribe’s philosophy is all about collaborating to create great events. That’s something that we truly believe in at techsytalk,” continued King.

The founding members of the Event Tech Tribe are:

  • Hubb – provider of submission, speaker, session, staffing and exhibitor management solutions, based in Vancouver, Wash., USA; www.hubb.me
  • ShowGizmo – developer of mobile apps for attendees, based in Denver, CO, USA and Wellington, New Zealand; www.showgizmo.com
  • Glisser – developer of audience engagement software, based in London, New York and Seattle; www.glisser.com
  • Swoogo – developer of event registration solutions, based in New York; www.swoogo.com
  • TRC – Lead retrieval, badging and attendee tracking solutions provider, based in Princeton, NJ, USA; www.trcbadgerite.com

Marie-Claire Andrews

“Each of our platforms will be used in harmony to deliver an awesome event for the techsytalk team” said Marie-Claire Andrews, CEO of ShowGizmo. Andrews continued, “The Tribe’s goal is to make all event tech deployments easier, faster and at a lower cost than what has been possible in the past. To do this, we’ve brought together similarly minded companies and built a way of working that puts the customer first.”

“Being selected by techsytalk above all the other options available demonstrates that we really are best-in-craft solutions,” said Greg Lazzaro, President of TRC and one of the five current Tribe members. Lazzaro continued, “There’s no compromise in quality, but we’ve saved the organizers time, money and stress!”