Petr Brincil, Director of Sales at Guarant International (Bratislava Convention Bureau's leading PCO)

Petr Brincil is Director of sales at Guarant International with direct Sales, operations management, sales management, marketing strategy and people development skills and experiences. Guarant International is the leading provider of congress and conference services in Slovakia, Czech Republic and Central Europe. It has gained extensive experience in the preparation and organization of large and small, national and international congresses, conferences, seminars and other similar events. Annually organizes from 60 to 80 events.

Q: How do you prepare a successful bid?

It isn’t just graphical design that matters. We need, not only to have all possible support for the city and the state authorities, but also from the scientific community. This is very important and it is something that makes the difference and increases the chance to win. We are daily in competition with all other European congress destination and in the entire world. Therefore, we also need to concentrate on lobbying among all involved parties.

Q: Who should be involved in the preparation of a successful bid?

To prepare a successful bid is not a one-man-show. We must always create a team of all involved: Sales manager, client, city, venue, AV supplier, caterer, social media specialist, scientific programme specialist and many others. With more people in the team, we increase our chances to win.

Q: What is the role of a PCO agency in the bidding process?

The role of PCO is crucial. What we like to tell our clients is: please concentrate on the scientific programme and its added values for the participants, we will take care of all aspects related to the organization of the event. Clients are not always very experienced in organizational part of the events and therefore our role is to guarantee the success, regardless the specifics of the event. Not all events are alike, on contrary – every single event is very special case and very specific.

Q: Who should cover financial investments in the bidding process?

My belief is that in general the PCO shall cover the costs related to the bidding process. Of course, support from the state authorities in form of grants for bidding is necessary. The role of local DMO and a functional national convention bureau is irreplaceable, in co-financing as well as in networking and the patronage …

Q: Latest stories of success?

Successful bid for organization of the Eurorox 2017, 53rd Congress of European Societies of Toxicology (1,200 participants) to be held in Bratislava this September. It was a bidding process that took almost 4 years and costed 20,000 EUR in total. The expectation of the client and the international society was extremely high. Thanks to unusual involvement of client, very professional lobbying, very high quality of bidding materials, the attractiveness of city as a congress destination and team spirit within the company, we have succeeded to beat much larger congress destinations.

Q: What always make you smile?
Success and progress of the people in my team.

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