Elaine Miller, Manager of Edinburgh Ambassador Programme

Elaine Miller manages the successful and award winning Edinburgh Ambassador Programme for academic and business professionals who are experts in their industry sector and, with the support provided by Convention Edinburgh, are willing to lead on a bid to host their association conference in Edinburgh and promote the city as a leading conference destination.

Q: How do you prepare a successful bid?

  • Research into the association or organisation and prepare relevant content to meet their goals and objectives.
  • Make sure to answer the questions on the brief and tailor the bid to suit the organisation, and exclude any irrelevant information.
  • Outline clearly the values and benefits of using your destination.
  • Include a professional yet personal tone.
  • Make sure it is visually attractive and grammatically correct.
  • Think outside the box!
  • Highlight what differentiates you from the competition.

Q: Who should be involved in the preparation of a successful bid?

It is important to have a city-wide approach which is coordinated by the DMO.

Q: What is the role of a PCO agency in the bidding process?

It is useful to have PCO involved in pre-bid as they can help, for example, with budget details and guidance on sponsorship.

Q: Who should cover financial investments in the bidding process?

Some cities have access to funds and if they can support the conference bid financially it is an advantage. Those who don’t have access to funds provide investment in time and effort as well as collateral for the bids.

Q: Latest stories of success?

The sixth International Symposium on Paediatric Inflammatory Bowel Disease 2021 (PIBD2021) which is expected to attract 800 delegates, generating over £1.3million over the four-day event for the city. And the Eurocities 2018 which is expecting 500 delegates and generating £610K in economic impact for Edinburgh.

Q: What always makes you smile?

As a keen walker, it has to be a fantastic Scottish vista at the top of a mountain or hill.

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