Famous Slovenian Hotel Golf****S, located in Bled, has been under the renovation since the beginning of the year. But from the first weekend in April, the completely renovated hotel rooms have been already welcoming their first guests. The main guiding principle in the refurbishment of the Hotel Golf is to include the natural features of Bled and its surroundings in the hotel’s interior and create a space that offers guests comfort and well-being at the highest level. Hotel Golf will therefore become a place where guests feel cosy and maintain a healthy lifestyle, regardless of whether they are on holiday or away on business.

The main component of new rooms is wood, which represents the purest form of coexistence between humans and nature. The choice of wood was inspired by the mighty spruce trees that grow in nearby Pokljuka; spruce wood fills the rooms with warmth, softness and homeliness. Thanks to essential oils of spruce resin complemented by natural materials, such as 100% wool and 100% cotton, as well as walls painted with breathable paint, which ensures a healthy indoor climate, staying in new rooms has beneficial effects on guests’ health. Every room tells its own story which is tightly connected with local tradition and natural features of Bled and its surroundings: The room of Carniolan honey bee offers a truly sweet experience by presenting the story of this autochthonous Slovenian bee. The Room of embroidery from Gorenjska is both a cultural and an artistic experience by reviving the tradition of this handicraft of decorating fabric in Gorenjska region. The room of the Gingerbread heart tells the romantic story of the Gingerbread workshop in the Gingerbread Museum in the nearby town of Radovljica. Finally, the Regeneration room symbolises a new beginning. By being furnished using carefully chosen natural materials, such as wool, wood and moss, natural and tranquil colours and chromotherapy, it ensures its guests a complete regeneration.

The second phase of the renovation of the Hotel Golf will start in Autumn, focusing on renovating lobby, reception, hotel restaurant and all five congress rooms. From the beginning of the year 2018 a totally renovated Hotel Golf, located in one of Slovenian most popular and greenest destinations, will be offering completely new experiences to the either leisure or business guests from all over the world.

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