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5 Reasons Why We Need Face-To-Face Meetings

There is no shortage of articles and guides on how to run live meetings or broadcast events via Facebook and YouTube. From Eventbrite to Livestream, they give you tips on how to engage remote audiences and efficiently leverage the plethora of new digital technologies. Today marks “Global Meetings Industry Day” and INCON wants to share it’s perspective having managed more than 10,000 events and serving approximately 1.2 m delegates a year across 4 continents. This article explores the following 5 reasons why we still need face-to-face meetings and why we are thankfully still in business.

Reason #1: They have a positive impact on the local economy
Reason #2: They are flexible and easily adaptable
Reason #3: They create a conversational vibe and networking opportunities
Reason #4: They supply emotional engagement and human interaction
Reason #5: They are an outlet for a powerful transformative experience

As Roslyn McLeod, chair of INCON and an internationally recognized leader in the meetings industry notes, “Face-to-face meetings are like any other business in a changing world—they must adapt to survive. Adoption of technology is a must for face-to-face meetings in order to drive engagement with generations who are immersed in their devices.”

“In this context, we can see how the event industry is changing, trying to reinvent itself and following the need to keep up with the new challenges, but also the desire to harness new possibilities. However, in this constant chase for self-improvement and self-actualization, we can see the multiple reasons why face-to-face meetings remain the essential tool for engagement, networking, learning, co-creation, and transformation”.