Nataša Mihajlovič is the expert associate for congress tourism in the department of sales and marketing in Terme Krka.

Q: What does it take to be a meeting star winner?
We are very proud of the award. It serves as confirmation of our work and efforts so far in the congress tourism area, but it also provides us with the opportunity for further development.

All Terme Krka hotels offer lots of option for seminars, congresses, meetings, courses, events, press conferences and business meetings. Terme Krka is mainly involved in spa and relaxation tourism and these services represent added value in business tourism as well. Our main advantage is that we offer a complete service, approach each client individually and work in a calm and pleasant environment that has a positive effect on the work atmosphere.

Q: What are your biggest challenges?
Ensuring quality and fulfilling our clients’ wishes. Here at Terme Krka, we believe that innovation, flexibility and perfection are of vital importance in every phase of business tourism. Our guests’ and clients’ expectations are key when we decide what services to offer, which is why we aim to please them as much as we can (we also employ the services of other contractors if needed). However, quality always comes first. When it comes to congress tourism, we will strive to improve our services in the future as well. Our individual approach policy will continue to ensure our guests always come first and we will adapt our wellness and health programmes to our clients’ needs.

Q: How do you use social media?
Social media is a very important tool nowadays if you want to inform and get to know your potential guests, but mostly to keep up and strengthen your relationship with existing partners and to maintain their trust in what you do.

Q: How do you best motivate your staff?
By being in a good mood, trusting their ideas, work, professional approach and company loyalty, by constantly being optimistic and grateful.

Our guests spend an increasing amount of time taking care of themselves and their wellbeing, which is why we complement our business tourism programmes with relaxing services and programmes (massages, baths, vitality and health programmes) in our relax centres, a wide array of sports activities, with a golf course at Otočec (one of the most beautiful golf courses in Slovenia), preventive diagnostic check-ups and amazing cuisine.

Q: Which other hotels do you admire?
The Relais & Chateaux hotels, one of them being the only river hotel in Slovenia, Grad Otočec. The members of this international chateau and hotel association are all dedicated to their main “five C” motto: Courtoisie (courtesy), Charme (charm), Charactere (character), Calme (calm) and Cuisine (cuisine).

The association’s goal is to improve their member’s situation from a cultural and financial point of view. Their members include unique hotels and restaurants all over the world and they respect the heritage and spirit of each individual member. Every year, the association releases a guide describing each of their members, who are very esteemed and appreciated by connoisseurs.