Roman Muška has been the Managing Director of the Prague Convention Bureau since January 1, 2016. Working in the MICE field since 1996, he has gained extensive experience in tourism and has taken on the role of Managing Director with the objective of meeting the PCB long-term strategic plans, such as attracting a larger number of international meetings in Prague, building a positive image of Prague as an attractive convention destination abroad and, last but not least, raising the awareness of the congress industry and its economic and non-economic impacts in the Czech Republic.

Q: What does it take to be a meetings star winner?
The expert jury evaluates various criteria, so it is especially about the collaboration of various local bodies that work together to create the most suitable infrastructure for meeting organisers, for example the excellent development of Prague Airport in the last years that has helped our destination a lot. It is long-term job and I am proud that Prague has also been among the finalists in the past, which proves that we are going in a good direction.

Q: What are your biggest challenges?
Prague is well known as a wonderful and historic city with a very well preserved historic city centre, but this fact alone would not be enough for meeting organisers who are considering bringing their meetings to our city. It is sometimes challenging to come up with updates in our destination with regards to new openings of hotels and venues, but I am happy that Prague is also developing in this respect and we will be able to publish some interesting news in upcoming months.

Q: How do you use social media?
We are currently using several social channels to address different groups of people with different topics that are interesting or important for them. For us the key thing is not only to share our updates, news from our members or Prague news, but also to start the discussion, join the conversation and help meeting planners find the right information or promote events in Prague. For example, last year we launched a social media competition for ICCA members (#BridgetoPrague) with the aim of promoting the next ICCA Congress in Prague, and it is still live.

Q: How do you best motivate your staff?
I think that the most important thing is that people like what they are doing. My goal is to create a good working environment for my team, especially considering the fact that you very often spend more time in the office with your colleagues than with your family. It is also about having fun within the team. My view is that a good team is the key for success!

Q: Which other hotels do you admire?
Certainly, I do admire all the members’ hotels of the Prague Convention Bureau.