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Special Venue: Rahmi Koç Museum, Istanbul


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The founder of the the Rahmi Mustafa Koc museum is one of the richest people in Turkey and has managed to combine his successful business career with a love of technical heritage. Near to the coast of The Golden Horn in Turkey, the first Rahmi M. Koc Museum (RMK Museum) of traffic and technology was opened in 1994. The opening up of this private museum collection to the public gave Istanbul not only a new arts facility, but also a very special new venue for meetings and events.
The museum studies heritage from the fields of technical culture, the history of science and engineering and also the influence of new technology on man, with an emphasis on Turkish technological heritage. For lovers of technology, the museum offers some extraordinary examples of cars, airplanes, and vessels that are all globally unique and are an important part of world technological heritage. The rich collection of “boys toys” – exceptionally well-preserved vehicles and motorbikes, including the legendary Royal Enfield motorbike – are especially impressive.

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It’s nigh on impossible to outline even a fraction of the hotel capacities in this megacity – hotels can be found to cater to every taste and budget, including a couple of hotels belonging to the peak of the world’s hotel offer and that are located in elegant Ottoman residences. There are also plenty of boutique hotels and hotels that are specially adapted to the needs of congress guests.
There are more than 400 hotels in the city, including 75 in the 5-star and 107 in the 4-star categories, and the lovers of top hotel brands will have a serious problem of which first-class hotel to choose. There are more than 100,000 hotel beds available in the city and despite some of the city’s recent challenges new hotels are being opened every year. The city’s culinary scene is among the best in the world and as for special venues, it’s again not possible to try to list them given how many there are. Unique night clubs of all styles and sizes are in abundance alongside to the Bosphorus and the city is literally alive 24 hours a day, so you won’t go hungry for long, even in the wee hours.


The conference room is equipped with historical articles and movie posters and the hall can hold up to 120 participants. The Erdogan Gönül Gallery is particularly popular with event lovers, but this particular hall is only available on Mondays, when the museum is closed. Usually there are around 40 vehicles in the hall and these can be removed if needed. At 850m2 the conference room is one of the most attractive conference halls in the city, added to by the fact that participants can take a tour of the museum collection and feel the true spirit of the building. Not far from the museum is the Halic Congress Centre, where many international events take place. The Centre offers 21 congress halls and is sometimes used by the museum as special venue for receptions.

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By special arrangement, you are able to organize receptions on one of the outdoor terraces, where you really get to feel the energy of the space. The dockyard of the Ottoman Sea Line Company, where ships were once fixed, is particularly impressive and being in a luxurious backyard overlooking Istanbul a reception can be a really special and intoxicating experience. Whilst the city has many photogenic locations on offer, the museum is one especially for those who enjoy technological heritage. It is very popular for launching new products and is often used as a movie set, having a great atmosphere that is enhanced by its three bars; Cafe du Levant, Halat Restaurant, and Bar Rossa, all of which are furnished with original and authentic interiors.

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1. SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY WORKSHOPS: in these workshops an experiment sets the scene to teach conference participants about science and technology. You can, for example, produce own DNA in this workshop!

2. COLOURFUL MATHEMATICS: An activity for groups that aims to contribute to enjoying mathematics and science. The experiment and puzzle sets are designed by the Mathematical Museum in Germany.

3. SUBMARINE: A guided tour of a submarine from World War II. The submarine is American made and was built in Portsmouth in 1944.


In order to really feel the vibe of the birth city of Nobel Prize winner Orhan Pamuk, before traveling there be sure to read his novel Istanbul, which is in its own way a cultural history of the bridge between Europe and Asia. A part of the city’s cultural history is also the two historical buildings in which the museum is set: the Lengerhane building was once a factory of shipping chains that was thoroughly renovated and is now known as the main historical building. The Hasköy Dockyard was built in 1862 and a couple of ferries made to serve public transport on the Bosphorus were built right in this dockyard.

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The Museum is very easy to find, as it is on the shore of the Golden Horn and close to the main motorways that run through and around Istanbul.
Parking is free of charge and there are also a number of convenient bus routes nearby.


Rahmi M Koç Museum
Hasköy Cad. No: 5
Hasköy 34445 – Istanbul
W: rmk-museum
T: (0)212 369 66 00-01-02


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