Hotel Park’s terrace transformed into a one-night concert venue

On a special Saturday evening, which also happened to be World Earth Day, Hotel Park’s herb garden in Ljubljana was transformed into a special pop up concert venue for a few hours.

Always looking to the future, Hotel Park is famous for its innovativeness and continual development. They were the first Slovenian hotel to receive the prestigious TraveLife Gold eco stamp of approval and international recognition for their continual development in tourism. Many people might consider the efforts involved in this kind of continual revolution in the hotel industry a bit too demanding, but Hotel Park’s positive approach is constantly proving them wrong. Today the hotel is a leading light and a star of tourism in Ljubljana. In fact, it even has its own bee house on the top floor, kept under close watch by urban beekeeper Gorazd Trušnovec. Being in close vicinity to three parks has helped Hotel Park with their mission of producing the first batch of their very own honey. They managed to produce more than 26 kilos of honey in their first season alone and their guests were also a big part of this experience, as they have the chance to taste their honey as well as enjoy excellent cuisine made from local and ecologically produced food, which is also the reason why Hotel Park is part of the Green Supply Chain initiative connecting local providers and consumers.

A dynamic atmosphere such as this is bound to ignite some great ideas and one of these was to invite Siddharta, the legendary Slovenian rock band, to perform on the hotel’s roof. Marketing Manager Enej Vitrih welcomed guests to this positive concept emphasizing their innovative and progressive approach to business. He also said that their idea came from the Beatles, who performed a concert on top of a London studio in 1969.

The whole event was very tasteful and fully in line with their environmental spirit; no fancy lights or garish decoration, just the ever-so-amazing Siddharta performing a more acoustic set in an intimate atmosphere. The concert was a great success and was really enjoyed by everyone lucky enough to be there. The hotel’s director, Urša Malovrh, said that the event was carried out at the highest level and that an Earth Day like this is certain to live long in the memory.

As meeting planners we are constantly looking for unconventional places for our events and we are always happy to see innovation and people who are doing things differently. Next time it might be a picnic under the stars or an elegant dinner with views of Ljubljana castle. Who knows…