Grand hotel Union allowed us to look behind the scenes where the congress guests are usually not allowed to go. We found out what happens when the working method breaks down, what's going on behind the scenes of the reception and who is the first to come to work.......

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of a hotel, who cooks your early morning breakfast or how do the managers keep the guests coming back? Kongres Magazine’s “Behind The Scenes” articles have been bringing special insight into some of the best hotels and venues in the region. We want to show you everything that goes into making a hotel stand out from the crowd and keep the beds full. Our eye has also caught some other special places like the Volkswagen factory in Slovakia and destinations that are changing the game with their offer. Here are the 10 most read stories featured on Kongres Magazine:


Esplanade Zagreb
The hotel was built in 1925 with the aim of offering luxury accommodation to passengers of the legendary Orient Express, which travelled from Paris to Istanbul and back. From its very first beginning the hotel has had an important social function, as dance evenings for the elite, receptions and events reflective of the Croatian capital all took place there… ⇒ Read the whole story

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Park Hyatt Vienna
When in 1855 Anshelm von Rothschild founded the Bank CrediAnstalt he probably did not think that the neo-classical building would one day be a hotel. At one time the largest Austro-Hungarian Bank, a mighty bank building was built from 1913 to 1915 at the renowned location. Today, the prominent building has been renovated into a superior hotel of the legendary brand in one of the top spots of the city… ⇒ Read the whole story


Radisson Blu Old Mill Hotel
Radisson Old Mill went right to the edge and succeeded. It seems as if they were able to find the right aesthetic measure. They don’t put any unnecessary frills on the premium ingredients and the space resonates with the mill’s past history. The concept of an elegant and authentic hotel, a cult restaurant and a dynamic lounge bar has been created, giving a new dimension to tourism in Belgrade… ⇒ Read the whole story

Vila Vipolže
The big advantage of the location is that it is well away from the hustle and bustle of the city, so that an event can be set in a romantic and tranquil atmosphere. At the same time Vila Vipolže is one of Slovenia’s most modern centres for cultural, business and educational tourism in terms of technical equipment… ⇒ Read the whole story


Falkensteiner Schloss Hotel Velden
When first stepping through the front door, you can feel positivity and a relaxed attitude. The natural colours and wood fit in nicely with the surroundings, which can be fully appreciated from the garden pool. Privacy is assured in many hidden corners tailored for events… ⇒ Read the whole story

X Bionic Sphere
When Mario Hoffmann and Prof. Dr. Bodo Lambertz, founder of the sports equipment factory X-Bionic, joined forces, the initial idea evolved into an enormous business and sports resort, where training and competition for the 27 Olympic sports can be performed. On top of all that, top quality business meetings can also be carried out here, as the X-Bionic Sphere offers absolutely splendid conditions for the most demanding events and congresses… ⇒ Read the whole story

Kempinski High Tatras
Starting in 1953, the hotel complex was used as a sanatorium before gradually falling into disrepair and finally, because of its poor condition, being closed. In 2003, architect Peter Černo prepared a new study for the reconstruction and building of the former treatment house Hviezdoslav. The aim of the project was to transform the historically protected buildings into a luxurious five-star hotel… ⇒ Read the whole story

Regent Porto Montenegro

Regent Porto Montenegro
Tivat’s destiny turned once more when this picturesque bay impressed Peter Munk, the Canadian businessman with Hungarian roots. In 2007, he sailed into Kotor Bay with his yacht, Queen of Drachs, was immediately mesmerised and thus was born the idea of a marina for mega yachts up to a length of 160 metres. Munk gathered his friends who were willing to invest… ⇒ Read the whole story


Volkswagen Slovakia factory
With the highest number of industrial robots united under one roof, VW SK factory operates as a car body shop for AudiQ7 SUV and it has the highest level of automation based on industry 4.0 principles. At the moment, another state-of-the-art body making facility which will be dedicated to Porsche Cayenne SUV is under construction in the VW Slovakia factory… ⇒ Read the whole story


Sheraton Dubrovnik Riviera
A new era began for Dubrovnik Riviera when in April 2014 the construction work on the Sheraton Hotel began, a reminder that hotels have always been the heart of Zupa. The 50 million EUR investment, with the largest regional hotel group of HUP Zagreb behind it, brought Dubrovnik a world-famous hotel and the largest conference hall in the region… ⇒ Read the whole story

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