These days, CD Congress Centre Ljubljana is hosting the largest Slovenian event for healthy food and healthy life, the “Food and health from A to Z”.

A totally fresh event is organized for the first time in Slovenia, offering amazing opportunities within region for further development and cooperation and with healthy living and the fact that around 80 % of modern diseases connect to healthy lifestyle and food playing the important part in human health, the topic is finally getting more attention, the attention that it deserves. The interactive and interesting conference programme presents more than 50 know regional an international expert in the health and food area, doctors, dieticians, naturopaths, holistic doctors, alternative medicine experts and others, participating in lectures, round tables, workshops and accompanying conference programme with goal to raise the awareness to the wider general public on the impact of food on our health.

It is a well-known fact that food has a significant impact on our health and well-being, giving us energy (or taking away the energy) and on the other side also treating your culinary buds and taking us in another dimension of tastes. The first event “Food and health from A to Z”, held at CD Congress Centre Ljubljana focuses on a healthy diet, enhancing the health and preventing the development or worsening of disease states, the importance of healthy fats and its influence on the beauty and hormonal status, food as the cause of infertility, treatments of eating disorders with hypnosis, the healthy diet and lifestyle of adolescents and grown up-s, recognizing the nutritional scams in a society full with different and conflicted information’s, the health risks of industrial food and many more popular topics, focusing on the connection between food and health.

Event Food & Health is dedicated to raising awareness of the widest circle of general public on the impact of food on our health, since it is proven that a large part of the disease is directly linked to food and unhealthy lifestyle. The famous Hippocrates already said: “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” and in the modern society and the fast pace of our lives, the saying definitely proved to be right!