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Foodies sing the praises of AC Hotel Bella Sky Copenhagen’s new restaurant

Executive Sous-Chef Martin Nilsson-Møller and his passionate team at restaurant B A S A L T keep fanning the flames as the popularity of the original restaurant at the AC Hotel Bella Sky Copenhagen rockets.

True fireballs. Literally. That is how to describe the passionate chefs’ team at the AC Hotel Bella Sky Copenhagen’s increasingly popular restaurant B A S A L T. The new venue, which opened less than a year ago, has already shot to fame due to its humble celebration of fire and nature, offering a menu based on what fire can create – and it all comes at reasonable prices too.

Raw, smoky and tasty

Restaurant B A S A L T’s cuisine takes its point of departure in scouting the surroundings and using local produce, picking and gathering what the seasons give: Fresh, raw and pure. And just like our ancestors have done for millennia, Martin Nilsson-Møller and the enthusiastic team use fermentation and conservation to refine the natural – a time-consuming affair, indeed, but always worth the effort, if one asks B A S A L T’s dedicated team.

Martin Nilsson-Møller

“B A S A L T is about fire and food prepared over fire. Perhaps you recall the smell and taste of twisted bread on sticks prepared over an open campfire as a child, and the feeling of not being able to control one’s impatience with the process. At B A S A L T we take a similar approach, and apart from prompting joy and perhaps even happy childhood memories, our ‘campfire cuisine’ creates delicious flavors too,” Martin Nilsson-Møller explains.

“The fire allows us to tame the wild and to create something exceptional. It is a great gathering point and gastronomic tool, that allows us to create and construct clean, simple taste experiences in a Nordic context to the delight of our guests,” Nilsson-Møller adds.