OneLife rally
Photo credits: OneLife rally

An idea of OneLife rally started less than a year ago and showed that an event as this one can bring people together regardless of all the differences – which is and should be the real value of the event as this in the future.

The seven day trip (21st of May until 27th of May) began in Ljubljana and concluded in Belgrade, Serbia, on the thrilling Navak Race Track. In between, the attendees enjoyed the beautiful coastline and insane evening parties. The journey started in Ljubljana, continued to Zagreb, Šibenik, Dubrovnik, Tivat, Durres, Skopje and concluded in Belgrade. Attendees were accommodated in five-star hotels throughout the entire event that complemented the whole experience.

OneLife rally
Photo credit: OneLife rally

The OneLife rally team looks forward to welcoming you and your team next year at the start line!