On 11th and 12th May 2017, the Estonian city of Talin and the Kultuurikatel or Tallinn Creative Hub are hosting the famous “Baltic for events” conference where more than 300 participants from professional events industry are meeting with 60 clients, 180 event agencies, 45 suppliers and gaining knowledge, new ideas from 40 prestigious lecturers. Simply put, everybody working in events industry for Baltic is part of this event.

Gorazd Čad, Ceo of Toleranca Marketing, marketing and event agency is among this year 40 speakers from the Baltic States, Eastern and Western Europe including Jens Oliver Mayer, Koert Vermeulen, Jan Gemrich, Andrea Francisi, Jarkko Kivikoski, Christophe Draye, etc. and many other prominent speakers from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania. Sharing his great experience and knowledge with marketing and event agency Toleranca marketing through lecture “Power to the meetings”, he presented their process of planning events based on good foundation and the methodology based on many experiences and inspired by the Danish methodology Meetovation.

Baltic for events is an annual forum devoted to the development of the events market in the Baltic States and a unique platform for productive dialogue from all participants in the events industry and key event customers. The creative environment of the event offers great platform for exchanging ideas and creativity, sharing of practical and theoretical ideas and case studies for event organization. Bringing together under one roof – the organizers, contractors and clients.  Event venue is the Kultuurikatel or Tallinn Creative Hub, a non-profit foundation and cultural organisation, situated in the Tallinn Power Plant which serves as a medium between international culture, creative industry and private sector. Unique venue for unique event is the perfect formula for this time Baltic for events conference – a good foundation for creative flow, networking and sharing knowledge among participants. #bfef