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World PCO Alliance Members celebrate milestones

2017 is an important year for several World PCO Alliance partners. JPdL International, AOS Conventions & Events, The Conference Company, KW Conferences and Talley Management Group are all celebrating major birthdays.

Canada’s JPdL International has reached its 35th anniversary. The Montreal-based PCO, founded in 1982, has been renewed as PCO for the 2017 World Parkinson Congress and is also organizing the 2018 World Congress on Marine Biodiversity, among others. Says JPdL President Jean-Paul de Lavison, “JPdL has always embraced new technologies and the way that the industry has evolved…I never dreamed that I could assemble such a great group of individuals with such a diverse mix of professional expertise, and who are full of passion, drive and curiosity.”

Malaysian PCO, India’s and South African Alliance member

The first independent Malaysian PCO to join ICCA; AOS Conventions and Events is celebrating 25 years in 2017. CEO Amos Wong says, “Our achievements in reaching 25 years as an independent Malaysian PCO is due to the interconnecting resources available at our company―management, employees, vendors, partnerships and clients that enable us to achieve organisational sustainability and excellence.”

India’s Alliance member, KW Conferences is also celebrating its 25th anniversary. “Our strength comes from members of our team who have worked tirelessly to deliver the best in class conferences in India,” says KW Conferences Managing Director Monimita Sarkar. “For the next decade, we envision KWC offering multiple products to meet the needs of a dynamically changing meeting landscape.”

South African Alliance member, The Conference Company, is marking its 20th year of operation. “My team and I are really delighted to have reached the milestone of 20 years in operation as one of the top PCO companies in South Africa,” says CEO Nina Freysen-Pretorius. “The opportunity to have been involved with a diverse group of clients, suppliers and associations over the years has really grown us individually and as a group.”

Ireland's Keynote and Talley Management Group

Ireland-based Keynote, celebrating its 10th year, has grown from a start-up to a staff of 10 people. The company will have managed a total of 106 conferences by the close of 2017. “Keynote PCO quickly became established as one of the leading conference organisers in Ireland,” says Managing Director Dr. Noel Mitchell. “we are well placed for the future as one of the world’s most capable specialist Professional Conference Organisers.”

Talley Management Group based in the United States is commemorating its 30th anniversary. The company is overseen by President & CEO Gregg Talley, who is also vice president of the World PCO Alliance. “We have had an amazing 30 years,” says Talley, “but the last 4 with our WPCOA colleagues and professionals around the globe have been the most rewarding.”

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