Design district Zagreb

From 13th of 18th of June, second Design district Zagreb will bring the creative side of Croatian captial on the streets. Enjoyed by 30,000 visitors last year, the festival unites communication of all existing creative intiatives concentrated around Martićeva stret, central urban zone.

In cooperation with the Zagreb Tourist Board and with the support of the City of Zagreb, The Adris Foundation, and the Ministry of Culture, the Festival’s program will be also be realized through the cooperation with numerous partners and the protagonists of the neighborhood’s cultural and economic activities, as well as all the selected participants.

Rich program unites screenings, workshops, green program, street gatherings, architecture walking tours, local partners, open-air exhibitions and doors open day. Learn more about this year’s program here.

“Zagreb, as the capital, is in a way a trend-setter in Croatia’s culture and tourism, and I’m glad that this unique, urban development-affirming festival is being held. Design District Zagreb proved itself as an ideal platform for further improving the visibility and spreading consciousness about the importance of creative initiatives in the economy and in society in general” said Martina Bienenfeld, the director of the Zagreb Tourist Board.

Design district ZagrebDesign district Zagreb is just a beginning of summer happenings in the city – Inmusic festival is starting on 19th of June and many other music and cultural events are knocking on the door for July and August, you can find the list of events happening here.

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