Q: Have you always wanted to work in the meeting industry?

Actually, I’ve always wanted to work in tourism; passion for the meeting industry came later when I was working as GM of hotel Mons in Ljubljana.

Q: Why is your destination/country the best in the world?

I’m sure about that – the best, the most beautiful, the most romantic, the No 1.

Q: What would be the first thing you would show every visitor to your country?

Amazing nature and friendly people.

Q: What has been your star moment so far and your favourite project with which you would praise yourself?

My star moment was certainly when I took over my assignments for Sava Hotels & Resorts and their destination Bled with my favorite project “The romantic winter fairytale in Bled”.

Q: What motivates you the most at work?

Satisfied customers and colleagues.

Q: In what way do you deal with stress?

With sport.

Q: What will be new in your business in 2017?

We are extremely proud on completely renovated rooms in Hotel Golf and the new room’s story.

Q: Where will you spend this year’s holiday and why?

In Albania and Macedonia – we decided to discover something new.

Q: If there would be no time or financial constraints, where would you go?

New Zeeland.

Q: What would be the title of your life autobiography?

Always with a smile.

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