Hotel Cliff

New Hotel Cliff 4* Belvedere lies 4 km from the Izola city centre and enjoys an elevated position in the Strunjan nature park, about 100 metres above the sea level. The hotel enriches the tourist offer of the Izola city and was at it’s full capacity in the first week of operating.

With 3 million EUR investment, this is one of the biggest investment in Slovenian coast hotel capacities and in Slovenia overall, supported by Nikolaj Uljanov. The adaptation of the hotel should extend the tourist season for 5 months and bring more guests during the week as well. As the head of reception, Barbara Zorko says, at the moment, 70 % of hotel guests come from Germany and Austria. The hotel is also targeting Scandinavian guests and sees growth in Italian visitors.

Director of Belvedere Hotels and Hotel Marina, Branko Seljak says that one of their important goals is also to re-establish the glory of Kamin restaurant, where Yugoslav President Josip Broz Tito used to dine. In September this year, beauty and spa centre is expected to open.Kamin restaurant

The investment is an important development for Slovenian coast hotel capacities and goes in line with tourism growth. In 2016, Slovenia for the first time counted more than 11 million tourist overnight stays. Seaside resorts represent 20 % of tourism stays in Slovenia and recorded a 5 % increase in the number of overnight stays.