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Q: What is the protocol on the arrival of VIP guests?
Everything must be 100% ready in advance. Upon arrival of the VIP person to the hotel, everyone involved (porters, receptors, and the person taking guest) must be in their place, the keys ready in the envelopes, the main door opened, the elevators in the ground floors and the rooms must be prepared and checked once again at least a couple of hours before their arrival.

Q: What is the difference between the protocols on the arrival of guests of various “VIP” profiles (famous musician/government visit)?
There are no major protocol differences except in cases where they require the highest level of discretion. Security during government visits is on a higher level.

Q: Are there any more extravagant requirements regarding hotel services when it comes to the VIP guest?
Of course, there are several of them. From changing and processing of rooms to the various accessories inside the room (fitness equipment, massage tables, etc.).

Q: How many protocol visits do you have on average per year?
More than 50.

Q: How long are the preparations for a government visit? Do you also reinforce the number of staff at that period?
Depending on the complexity of the visit. Preparations run from “last minutes” ones to the year before their arrival. The strengthened number of hotel staff depends on the type and importance of the protocol visit.

Photo credit: Union Hotels

Q: What types of guests require a special treatment, protocol reception?
Presidents, the royal families, Sheikhs and, of course, famous artists. Other (not otherwise official) protocols are also treated by celebrities and everyone who so requests.

Q: What kind of information would you need before the Protocol visit itself in ideal circumstances?
Everything. Date and time of arrival and departure, the number of guests, all additional wishes and specialties, documents and, of course, payment as well.

Q: Who were the most eminent guests that you have hosted so far in the Grand Hotel Union?
Kings and Queens, Sheikhs, various musicians, artists and presidents. To name just a few of them: Dalai Lama, Queen Elizabeth II, King Juan Carlos I of Spain, Swedish royal couple, Harald V, the King of Norway, Albert II, Prince of Monaco, former U.S. President Bill Clinton, various presidents from Italy, Austria, Hungary, Greece, Turkey and of course all the presidents from the former Kingdom of Yugoslavia. From other important guests, we have also hosted Chuck Norris, Dalai Lama, Slash, R.E.M., Bob Dylan, Mika Häkkinen, Leticia Calderón – Esmeralda, Hans Sigl, Leonard Cohen …

Q: Would you like to highlight some other information that is important for protocol visits?
Getting accurate information before arrival is crucial to us.

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