CD - Cankarjev dom Cultural and Congress Centre

Special attention needs to be focused on providing the right conditions for people with disabilities and in this regard, CD Congress Centre Ljubljana is a shining example of providing all of their visitors with everything they need.

Choosing the right venue for congress, conference or corporative events is usually based on a set of key criteria, including budget, location and additional services provided by the venue. What is usually overlooked is the access for disabled visitors. This highly sensitive topic lacks much-needed attention and solutions in real life.

This week, CD Congress Centre Ljubljana hosted an international conference under the name “The importance of interest-based integration of companies employing disabled people for implementing their development strategy.”


Healthy people usually don’t even think about this topic and the obstacles that disabled people meet – including employment and simple access in the city, in traffic, at different points in the city, etc.

In holding this event, the organizers most definitely kept that in mind, working towards greater adaptability, and paying more attention to the issue. CD Congress Ljubljana, the leading Slovenian congress centre, strives to incorporate this to the greatest possible extent – each and every one of their 22 event halls has a strict normative regarding the number of people it accommodates in terms of assuring the safety for disabled visitors. With their special reception protocol, the CD friendly staff accompanies every disabled visitor to their chosen venue. CD’s Grand Reception Hall is an easily accessible venue with direct access by a ramp, plus the access to all of their other halls is possible with an elevator from the ground floor.

Their website is also adapted for deaf and blind people and, moreover, Linhart and Kosovel Halls, as well as the CD Club, are equipped with an inductive loop for the reception of hall or spatial sound. Toilet facilities, suitable for wheelchairs, are next to the cloakroom in the Grand Reception Hall and in the First and Second Lobbies. In the auditoriums, visitors on a wheelchair are provided with a designated, reasonably accessible and large enough space. And, striving to ensure extra safety to the visitors, CD Congress Centre also has a defibrillator, located on a visible and publicly accessible place in the First Foyer. As you are well aware, defibrillators can save lives when used promptly and efficiently.

Simply put, as the leading Slovenian convention venue, the CD Congress Ljubljana recognizes the importance of its role. Setting a good example, CD invariably aims to be accessible to everyone and truly pays special attention to this issue.

Ljubljana, the friendly city

Ensuring the accessibility of the city for people with disabilities is one of the key tasks of the City of Ljubljana that pays special attention to the weakest social groups, making sure that the city is friendly to children, the elderly and people with disabilities, to everyone. In 2015, Ljubljana received the “Bronze Access City Award 2015,” which puts the city at the very top of European cities in terms of accessibility of the built environment, public transport, information and various services and programs for people with disabilities.

The Slovenian Tourist Board and Accessible tourism

Slovenia is friendly to disabled people in view of its accessibility. In recent years, all new public buildings and other large office and tourist buildings have been built with consideration for the people with locomotor disorders. Accessible tourism includes tourism for locomotor and sensory impaired people, persons with intellectual and mental impairments, those who travel with children in baby carriages, elderly people and others who find tourism less accessible due to other health reasons (diabetes, allergies, etc.).

All public buildings and tourist facilities, which are still without an arranged access for the disabled, generally have at least a few reserved parking spaces at the entrances. In these buildings, it is usually also well provided for the toilet facilities. Pavements have been built in many Slovenian cities. There are also an increasing number of ATMs positioned at lower height levels and those equipped with Braille for the blind and partially sighted. The disabled receive discounts for many tourist tours and visits, while some are even free.