Photo credit: Apimed

They approach the production of the varieties of meads with great respect and passion with different types of honey. They use species richness and diversity of Slovak honey, from blossom, acacia, lime and forest honey. Every drop of this delicious alcoholic drink includes the best of the honey, herbs, and spices – and it is easy to taste it and tell the difference from the other meads. Since they do not produce enough honey from their own apiary, they also buy a wide range of generic honey from verified beekeepers from all over Slovakia, offered in three basic types: flower, acacia and wild.

Their hard work and passion for their products is not overlooked since the Apimed meadery received numerous of prestigious awards at domestic and international competitions. One of the awarded meads is their “Barrique” mead, the only one out of the thousands of types of mead, which is proudly caring the title “Best Mead in the World” (best light mead), which has been awarded by the prestigious beekeeping Apimondia Congress in South Korea. Mead “Barrique” is made out of the acacia honey with a delicate aroma of cognac and smell of the yellow pears. Its rich taste and golden colour are there because of the oak barrels where the mead is matured for 6 months.

To find the Apimed, one would need to go for an approximately one-hour drive from Bratislava to find a village Dolná Krupá, located in the Trnava region of Slovakia, where all the sweet magic, the production of one of the oldest Slavic beverage happens. Apimed meadery offers the tasting of the mead, wine with a soul of honey. In all, one can taste eight kinds of meads; look into the secrets of the production with an explanation of an expert mead producer. The tasting in the Apimed meadery takes up to 90 minutes and next to the meads tasting, they also offer such as a cheese plate, bread, and mineral water.

They say life is the flower for which love is the honey. We invite you to choose for yourself and your loved ones the very best that nature has to offer. Become a part of the successful story of gifts from the sun, blooming meadows, and tireless hard work. When in Bratislava, take a ride and head to the Apimed!