Fužine Castle: Museum of Architecture and Design
Photo credits: Archive of Fužine Castle: Museum of Architecture and Design

The last preserved Renaissance castle in Ljubljana

On the banks of the Ljubljanica River, away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre and surrounded by beautiful nature and the castle park within its own charming and quiet location, is Fužine Castle – the last preserved Renaissance castle in Ljubljana, the image and location of which entrance anyone who happens to come across it.

The castle was built in the 16th century by members of the Khisel family, rich traders, humanists and art lovers. The arcades connect the spaces around the spatial courtyards with their remnants of a well and a mighty lime tree. However, this Renaissance building with its four defensive towers also hides many historical attractions and a number of wall paintings.


Fužine Castle is situated along the Ljubljanica River in the southeastern part of Ljubljana, just five kilometres from the heart of the Ljubljana Old Town. It took its name from the iron foundry and iron processing plants that were in its area, as did the nearby hamlet and the newly built area of the town (Fužine). The castle and its complex is a cultural monument and a testament to landscaped nature.

For the past 24 years, Fužine Castle has been a home to the Museum of Architecture and Design (MAO), which is Slovenia’s foremost museum of architecture, urban planning, industrial and graphic design, and photography. It systematically collects, stores and studies material related to these fields of activity and displays them in temporary and permanent exhibitions, making it possible for visitors to understand the past and the future of architecture, design and photography.

Photo credits: Archive of Fužine Castle: Museum of Architecture and Design


The castle park, courtyard or the halls with Renaissance paintings offer an exceptional environment for various business and social events. Fužine Castle, which can accommodate up to 800 guests, is suitable for business meetings, receptions, promotional events, conferences, cultural evenings, receptions, weddings, exhibitions, concerts or other events. The location will captivate anyone who wants to organise an event in an intimate castle ambience. There is also a free car park for guests at the castle.


Fužine Castle has large rooms and halls, from 50 to 450 metres, and smaller halls that can accommodate up to 50 guests, up to 250 guests or a courtyard for up to 800 guests. When renting a venue, they offer the free rental of equipment, such as chairs, hangers, tables, a speaker desk, internet, car parking and technical equipment, as well as there being other equipment that can also be rented.

Archive of Fužine Castle: Museum of Architecture and Design
Photo credits: Archive of Fužine Castle: Museum of Architecture and Design


Kaval Group and MAO opened a new cafe in the pleasant castle surroundings, which with its concept offers a special experience of Slovenian design and architecture. The specialty of the MAO cafe is their chairs and tables, which were designed or produced in Slovenia, and are notable examples of Slovenian interiors of the 20th century. Slovenian design enthusiasts donated many of the chairs and tables that found their home in the museum coffee shop, which is also the reason that they are specially marked with the names of donors and equipped with data on the authorship and production of a single piece.
The Kaval Group will be pleased to take care of catering at your event, and every event is prepared with a personal touch, difference and creativity. Dishes prepared by Kaval’s cooking masters follow modern trends and are accompanied by a rich selection of wines and sparkling wines from Slovenian winemakers.

Photo credits: Archive of Fužine Castle: Museum of Architecture and Design


Nowadays, in the refurbished premises of the Fužine Castle, the central national Museum of Architecture and Design has found its home. They exhibit about 150,000 objects of more than 1,000 prominent architects, designers and photographers of the 20th and 21st centuries. It is a place where the past and present meet to create the energy to think of the future, and it’s a space where besides the many social events going on you can also enjoy modern exhibitions and guided tours.


T: 00386 1 548 42 70
E: mao@mao.si
W: www.mao.si


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