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CPH Travel Agencies Backs Sarawak’s Redefining Global Tribes Campaign showdown

Sarawak Convention Bureau

Malaysia’s pioneer in Business Events (BE) Sarawak Convention Bureau (SCB) will join arms with one of Sarawak’s tourism pioneers CPH Travel Agencies (CPH) in Redefining Global Tribes (RGT), the next evolution of Business Events in the nation.

Amelia Roziman, Chief Operating Officer of SCB

“We chose CPH to be among our panel of top partners, following their groundbreaking work on one of the biggest congresses to grace Sarawak’s shores in 2016, the 55th ICCA Congress for the International Congress & Convention Association,” said Amelia Roziman, Chief Operating Officer of SCB.

“As the pioneering Bureau in Malaysia, Sarawak bears the responsibility to create another bold campaign that can leave a tangible legacy for BE and make Sarawak’s mark as a leading 2nd tier destination even more distinctive in the region. Redefining Global Tribes was born from that effort,” said Roziman.

RGT’s three core values – community, unity and identity – mimic the core values of multicultural Sarawak, which lead to the organic basis of a campaign that aims to unite Malaysia’s Business Events communities and build a stronger identity for the sector.

CPH has evolved from being one of the state’s tourism industry giants to establish itself as a player in Business Events with the capacity to handle medium to large scale conferences of between 1,000 to 2,000 delegates.

As a pioneer for eco and cultural tourism in Sarawak since 1968, CPH’s expertise is rooted in extensive tour packages based on the four main features of Borneo tourism: people, history, culture and nature.

CPH Director of Operations, Oscar Choo, commented, “The success of the destination, when derived from strong teamwork and collaboration, will be the pride and glory of not only the state of Sarawak but the entire nation.”

For 3 days in mid-August, SCB will gather 100 experts from national and international associations, academia, corporates, and media, to spotlight the state’s appeal for Business Events in a familiarization (FAM) trip.

The FAM trip coincides with the Tribal Warrior Challenge held in Kuching on August 19th; an obstacle course race which is open to the public, and in which the 100 VIP guests will be participating in the 3km Bizst Mode category.