Vukovar – Vučedol – Ilok is European Destination of Excellence 2016/2017 winner in the category cultural tourism. The title will be given on a national level and it will be promoted by European Commission. Five finalists had their final presentations in Čakovec and the decision for Vukovar – Vučedol – Ilok was unanimously taken by the European Commission.

Promoting sustainable tourism

EDEN was launched 11 years ago with the aim of creating a European network of the most beautiful destinations of sustainable tourism, promoting less developed and less visited destinations. It comprises regular competitions to select an emerging ‘destination of excellence’ based on the commitment to social, cultural, and environmental sustainability. Each competition is based on a specific theme such as rural tourism, aquatic tourism, or accessible tourism.

About Vukovar and around

Vukovar is located in the north-eastern part of Croatia and has the privilige of being at the mouth of the river Vuka. Ilok is the most eastern town in Croatia above the river Danaube and it is a blend of east and west with long history, wine cellars and beautiful landscapes. Vučedol is one of the most remarkable Neolithic sites in general.

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