Okarina festival

Okarina festival is knocking on Bled’s door for 27th time and a summer at Bled would simply not be the same without this ethno festival, one of the oldest festivals in Europe. Music from all parts of the world will take over the streets of Bled from 27th of July to 6th of August at romantic Bled promenade by the lake and at the majestic Bled castle.

Music for all tastes and ages

This year’s programme is nice and full of surprises, from Orchestra Baobab (african music) to the star of Ljubljana jazz festival Hiromi, Bosnian star Amira Medjunanin and many others. The festival so far brought more than 250 musicians from around the globe and with the exception of three gigs remains entrance fee free. In case of bad weather, the concerts will be relocated from Bled Promenade and castle to the Bled festival hall.

Jazz musicImportance of coexistence

Folk music from across the globe, in all its versions and variants, mixed with modern rhythms attracts and captivates audiences with its high-quality performances, renowned musicians, and a clear message on the importance of multiculturality and coexistence.

Options to stay at Bled during Okarina festival

A nice option to stay during the festival is in one of the Sava hotels, great for leisure or business guests: Grand Hotel Toplice, Hotel Park or Hotel Golf. All the hotels are conveniently located near the Bled promenade, so that you can also enjoy the music from the hotel terrace as well. A nice suggestion: a glass of sublime local Slovenian wine, famous local dessert Kremšnita and folk music.

Grand Hotel Toplice by lake Bled.

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