Slovenia Eat Cooking Class
Photo credit: Slovenia Eat Cooking Class

The Slovenia Eat Cooking Class offers also an amazing incentive programme that accommodates up to 45 attendees – but be aware, the hands-on workshop will take up to 4 hours of cooking, including breaking sweat. In a relaxed atmosphere loaded with humour and authentic Slovenian dishes, each participant will be transformed into a chef de cuisine and gourmet creator. Want to learn a bit more about Slovenian culinary culture, with the first class amusement and true stand-up chefs from Slovenia Eat Cooking Class team? Yes, it really is a perfect culinary adventure on offer in Ljubljana!

The hands-on workshop is carried out in teams. In them, both the individual and competitive spirit come together in the pursuit of a successfully achieved common goal. There is one certain guarantee: full stomachs, plenty of new knowledge, lots of laughter and a whole lot of fun. After the workshop, all participants sit together at the table and everything prepared during the day is eaten, with the pleasant socializing continuing long afterwards.

Photo credit: Slovenia Eat Cooking Class

Get to know Slovene cuisine better and bring home the best souvenir from your business trip to Slovenia – new culinary skills and recipes with which you can surprise your family and friends long after visiting Ljubljana.

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