Photo credit: Nehera

The storyline of Nehera dates back into the 1930s when the brand was originally founded by a visionary businessman Jan Nehera in Czechoslovakia, and in that time, the brand had more than 130 retail stores in Europe, the United States and Africa. At that time, Nehera offered clothes for women, men, children, fashion magazines from Paris, clothing repair and even ironing.

The Nehera brand was resurrected in 2014 and today proudly re-employs the timeless heritage of the Slovak and Czech tailor studies and factories originally founded by Jan Nehera himself.

Since September 2015, Nehera is also a part of the official Paris Fashion Week. Additionally, they provide four collections annually. The brand has no ambition to attract the attention of extravagance – on the contrary – it meets the customers’ desire for a more discreet form of luxury. It combines unique shapes, quality materials with an emphasis on details. They rely on a strong tradition and high-quality production process, building a global innovative brand that provides materials that are produced locally.

The team consists of a Bratislava studio, where twenty employees work from five different countries: China, Slovakia, Czech Republic, France, and England. In the last three years, they have progressed in such a short a time, having more than 90 retail partners on four continents and their strongest market includes South Korea, Japan, United Stated, followed by China and Switzerland. As they like to expose, they are very pleased that even famous people like Nehera; just recently, they took photos with Tilda Swinton from a holiday in the Maldives, where she poses in Nehera dress. It is encouraging, but first and foremost it is about the satisfaction of their customers.

Nehera is a story of a success, brought back from last century to nowadays fashion must have pieces – with the mentality of the year 1930’s. If you wear Nehera, you dress for success. Local, manufactured, high quality and innovative. All the qualities that Bratislava is proud of!