Dra. Paula Oliveira has a degree in Social Communication, specializing in Advertising, Marketing, and Public Relations. Since 1998 she has been the Executive Director of Turismo Lisboa – Visitors and Convention Bureau, a private and non-profit organization with more than 600 members, responsible for the overall international tourist promotion, market and tourist information. Prior to that, in 1995 she was the Director of Tourism in the Municipality of Lisbon.

Q: Does your city have any strategic subvention plan for conferences?

We have a national fund available, which is also sponsored by Turismo de Lisboa, available for international conferences of up to 600 room nights, and we have a city fund available for international events of up to 50 pax. We also have a Lisbon Programme available for international bids, which is fully sponsored by us, Turismo de Lisboa.

Q: What kind of subventions does your city offer and for what kinds of events?

Besides the Lisbon Programme, we also sponsor and organise site inspections that are custom made for an event planner.

Q: What is the most important aspect when applying for subventions?

Complying with the data of the event and the pre-requisites to qualify.

Q: Does your city subvention offer include any free travel or reduced local transportation to and within the city, any venue for free, free reception, free brochure or marketing?

We do not have a pre-set policy for subventions except for the format mentioned in point 1.

Q: Are subventions the latest big thing in the meeting industry or should they be considered as the very last option for a destination to win an association meeting?

Financial support is just one more element of the bidding selection by the organiser. It can add to the strength of a bid, but in most cases is not decisive. It is Lisbon and its offer alone makes the decision a positive one.

Q: Tell us something about your latest success story and subvention from your city?

There are some, so let´s mention the Web Summit. It will be in Lisbon for 3 years – it started last November 2016 – with the possibility of staying for a further 5 years. This is an outstanding event with more than 50,000 pax.

What’s the bravest thing you’ve ever done?
Starting a career at Turismo de Lisboa, 20 years ago.

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