Name: Janez Žagar
Company: CD Congress Centre Ljubljana
Title: Head of the Multimedia Department, HDbaseT Technology Expert

Q: Describe your work assignments as the Head of the Multimedia Department at Cankarjev dom/CD Congress Centre Ljubljana?
I am already involved in the early phases of pre-preparation for a congress – during the inspection visits when we talk about everything the client wants and needs, how the work is organised and how we are involved (or if there are any outside partners that need to be involved), right through the whole implementation to congress execution.

I also track the latest technologies and visit trade shows (for example ISE) as well as seminars, then project (improvements, renovation, purchase), implement and install the equipment – at this very moment we are renovating our smaller halls and adding new equipment where HDbaseT technology is present. Our goal is that the CD Congress Centre Ljubljana is at top of its game and always better than the competition. The equipment itself is not enough, however, as you also need to have the professional staff and we always work on knowledge improvements (also by continually accepting students for an internship, teaching them and also sometimes employing them after they finish their studies).

The education level in this area is higher every year; high school education alone is not enough and a minimum of higher professional education is needed. On top of that, the personnel must speak a foreign language (more is better, of course) and English is nowadays a necessity, as it is the leading communication language.

On top of all that I also fulfill my role as a leader, encouraging my staff to professionally educate themselves and with my department recently participating in the Panasonic Academy in Wiesbaden, where they gained a certificate for “Experts Certificate for Projection Technology” and an “Advanced Expert Certificate for Projection Technology” for more complex projections. Edge blending, colour matching, more sophisticated panoramic projections and mapping are currently in vogue.

Q: 5 tips for organising a perfect event from a Multimedia perspective?

  • Clear understanding of a client’s needs
  • Budget
  • Appropriate technical equipment
  • Qualified team
  • Cooperative partner


Q: What is the best part of your job?
To have a satisfied client and a successfully implemented event – and that is what I like to do the most. For my professional development my curiosity and thirst for knowledge has to take the credit, as well as Cankarjev dom, CD Congress Centre Ljubljana, of course, who made it all possible for me.

Q: What would make your job easier?
That we understand what a client expects – for example, our recent discussions with the representatives of ESC were a delight, as they had a clear vision what they wanted to achieve. Also, sometimes it is hard to provide all of the necessary equipment (when there is a demanding event on the horizon), since Slovenia is a relatively small market for equipment at a higher level. In order to be present at professional exhibitions for visual/projection technology we have updated our equipment with advanced technology and we cooperate with suppliers to rent equipment from abroad, thus satisfying our clients’ special requirements.

Q: What motivates you the most at work?
A reliable and professional team and hi-tech equipment, being able to work with partners that can broaden my horizons, and clients noticing the knowledge we have. The thing that also differentiates us from other venues is the fact that the knowledge is shared, and so I also love the networking.

Q: Describe yourself in 3 words:
Patient, collegiate, synergetic (and communicative!).