What are you current marketing challenges and how do you deal with them? Where do you find opportunities and how do you create them? How can we all bring the MICE industry on a next level? We asked speakers of this year’s Conventa Crossover about their opinion. We surely received interesting answers from Poland, Netherlands, Belgium and Turkey.

Anne Roelandt, Vice-President, Managing Director and Artistic Producer at Luc Petit Creation

For me, there are opportunities everywhere. We can obviously look for them but most of the time they simply come to us unexpectedly and sometimes, from where you least expect them. At first, a project often seems to lead nowhere but, ultimately, it allows another one to rise from it. In fact, there are no obvious opportunities, even the smallest can lead to many other projects. We just must stay open minded and ready to jump on them.


Eda Ozden, the Director of Business Development at MEP Destination Business Solutions in Istanbul Turkey

With the increasing number of source markets, it’s virtually impossible to conduct one-on-one sales to each client. Marketing is now more important than ever to reach a wider audience.

Michal Zalewski, spokesman for Krakow Festival Office, Poland

Since we’re talking about digitalisation, one of the greatest threats to MICE is excessive automation. Our trade is based on relationships, conversations, contact with people, so getting the right blend of technology and experience is great for the meetings industry. But it has to be done the right way!

Ingrid Rip, certified trainer at RREM

I am convinced that when organisations within the regional triple helix cooperate to a maximum degree, much more can be achieved. It will attract people and organisations with the same interest and complementary knowledge. Your name and fame in these specific fields of industry will automatically grow resulting in more, high quality business events.

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