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Photo credit: Grand Hotel Union, Marko Delbello Ocepek

The Hotel Lev and their restaurant are located just outside of the Ljubljana’s Old Town. Their menu is not over large and their staff will be as helpful as you wish them to be. If you are looking for a meal worth remembering the Restaurant Pri Levu would be a perfect choice.

Restaurant Pri Levu is synonymous for a modern cuisine with a touch of the Mediterranean. Their chef de cuisine Uroš Hribernik prepares top-quality specialties with love and with the utmost precision, as he builds his story on fresh and simple ingredients, which are masterly combined into the unique gourmet experience. In the pleasant ambient of the tropical aquarium, one will be served with delicious Mediterranean dishes and a variety of business lunches. Every day of the week, they also prepare a new, freshly built menu where you can choose between a business and light lunch, and an à la carte offer.

Restaurant Pri Levu
Photo credit: Union Hotels, Marko Delbello Ocepek

In addition to the standard offer, they have also days, dedicated to the special menus. Every Tuesday, grilled seafood is served, among which you can taste a variety of fish specialties, as well as lobster and octopus. Wednesday is a day for fresh and authentic pasta prepared by the Italian maestro di pasta Andrea Lippi, who prepares the delicious meals according to his mother’s recipes. Thursday is a day for straight-out lovers of meat surpluses, authentic steaks, and beef Angus since the grilled meat delicacies are served in their garden. A unique culinary delight will be rounded off by a wide selection of top-quality wines and personal desserts made in a home-made pastry shop of Hotel Lev. To say it right to the point: their offer is mouth-watering!

Union Hotels
Photo credits: Union Hotels

In the summer time, a right choice for any meal of the day is the Union Restaurant garden, where one can enjoy the meal under the shade of centuries-old chestnuts. A magnificent garden, right in the heart of the city, behind the Grand Hotel Union and Grand Hotel Union Business, is hidden enough to give you the intimacy while dining with your business or travel partner.
During the summer time, they also offer deliciously grilled dishes prepared right in front of their guests! The Grand Hotel Union’s chefs de cuisine serve the grilled dishes on Thursdays and Fridays besides the daily meals at lunchtime and delicious dishes from the regular à la carte menu. One can choose between fish and meat grilled dishes with various side dishes along with the special selection of refreshing sauces.  If you are looking for a tasty and healthy lunch or dinner, head to the Union Restaurant garden. Available this summer!

Photo credit: Union Hotels, Marko Delbello Ocepek

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