Sneaker Barber pop-up store
Photo credit: Sneaker Barber pop-up store

Can you imagine being at the barber shop, surrounded by the outstanding sneakers of cult brands, such as Nike, Jordan, Vans, Puma, Adidas, and Reebok? They even selected some impressive models of unique and limited edition models from well-known Slovak and Czech fashion brands, such as LoowFAT, Buffet Clothing and Life is Porno.

Their main goal was to bring together the staff, who understood the personal style of each client and to make sure each of them looked good or even better when leaving the pop-up store. The stuff helped them to create the image of whom they wanted to show to the world surrounding them.

Sneaker Barber was opened unfortunately only for a limited time – and for those, who cannot imagine their life without unique sneakers head to their web page

When Bratislava talks about their slogan “ACCESSIBILITY | INNOVATION | EXECUTION” they mean it – 100% true, when thinking about their open minded approach. When having an amazingly innovative idea they make the execution right away and make it accessible to everyone. Go Bratislava!