The Trnulja Country Estate, whose name derives from the Slovenian name for both ‘Sleeping Beauty’ as well as for sloes and wild plum, is exactly what the name suggests – an awakened beauty where a fairy-tale image fuses perfectly with local flavours to result in pure excellence. Whilst visiting the estate you will have the opportunity to meet with Urša and Miha, the owners of this amazing venue that Ljubljana has to offer.


Trnulja Country Estate is located in the Ljubljana Marshes, in Črna vas. The Ljubljana Marshes is a natural area of wetlands and peat bogs, known for its rare animal and vegetal species and for the remains of the prehistoric pile dwellings that are protected by being on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The owners of the estate have adopted this piece of land as their own by respecting and understanding its distinct natural features and by making a conscious decision to develop the Trnulja estate in a sustainable and ecological way.

The estate is located just 8 kilometres from the heart of Ljubljana’s Old Town. As the property is completely ecologically oriented, it is recommend to get there by taking the local bus, bicycle or to rent one of the property’s electric vehicles to move around the town.


The estate is fully committed to a sustainable mode of operation, so addition to the tourist work (accommodation and excursion tourism, restaurant, tour of the estate, incentive programmes), oilseeds, cereals and other crops are produced on the estate and later transformed into finished products (oils, flour, filling, cakes, croissants). The share of their own ingredients in the culinary offer reaches 70-80%, which is fully certified by being of ecological origin, preferably from local sources.

They also have accommodation facilities in their offer – in five apartments they offer accommodation for 20 people (1 apartment for 2 people, 3 apartments for 4 people and 1 apartment for 6 people). The Trnulja estate is the first member of the Slovenian Die Biohotels chain, which brings together 100 ecological hotels in different European countries and pursues extremely high ecological standards.


The Trnulja Country Estate can host up to 60 attendees for the purpose of lectures with a cinema layout, but with tables Trnulja can host up to 30 attendees. The entire space is in wood and plasterwork is if clay, as clay reduces the influence of electro smog and regulates humidity in the room. The room has a huge amount of daylight with a view of the surrounding countryside and the animals from the estate (goats, donkeys, horses, mules and dogs). The rental space is also equipped with all the necessary technical equipment (projector, canvas, sound system, microphones, computer, wireless internet and flipchart).


When hosting an event at Trnulja you might wish to consider an organic cooking workshop, where attendees prepare the lunch for themselves whilst bonding together. On this cooking course, attendees will work together with hostess Urša and one of Slovenia’s finest chef Slavko Adamlje to dig out some old recipes and learn how to prepare healthy, home-cooked meals that don’t take hours to prepare. The cooking workshops starts in the morning and last for 4-5 hours, while up to 8 people can participate at each cooking workshop.

If you don’t fancy such a foodie incentive programme, fear not – you will not go hungry whilst at Trnulja! At the country estate, they like to spoil their guests with amazing gourmet dishes and healthy meals. To promote the well-being they use exclusively nutritious, certified organic foodstuffs cultivated at their farm, such as organic cold-pressed oils, organic flours, organic vegetables and organic meat from their billy goats and donkeys. The meals at Trnulja are truly as sustainable as their entire estate, all in keeping the mission of Die Biohotels in mind.


In addition to the business events there are several incentive programmes that can be carried out on the property. It is possible to organise a culinary workshop, a display of cold oil pressing including a tasting, an electric carriage ride through the Ljubljana Marshes, or a boat ride to or from the centre of Ljubljana along the Ljubljanica to the port of Trnulje estate. Electric cars (Renault Twizy) and electric bicycles can also be rented at the property. There is also the possibility to arrange for a musical extra for a business lunch or dinner, with a group or a solo performance with a mostly Slovenian musical programme.


Crna vas 265, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
T: +386 41 610 522


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