Greenhouse Ljubljana
Photo credit: Matic Kremžar, Pernod Ricard Slovenija

Jameson Family & Friends
Event held at the Greenhouse
Made by: Pernod Ricard Slovenija & Hiša vizij

Jameson Family & Friends event and education was dedicated to all the business partners of Pernod Ricard Slovenia, where they could get to know the entire Jameson family of Irish whiskey in a unique way and get together as true friends along with good cocktails and grilled food. The event was designed as a three-day evening event, where business partners from certain regions met.

The main message of the event was “Real friends get treated like a family”, as Pernod Ricard is aware that in today’s world genuine relationships are the ones that count. That is why they originally wanted their business partners to become part of an ever-expanding Irish Whiskey Jameson family and, through guided tasting by Jameson Brand Ambassador, Eric Ryan, they met a new family member, Jameson Caskmates.

Photo credit: Matic Kremžar, Pernod Ricard Slovenija

The event was organised in a greenhouse, which is not the usual kind of place for events. World trends and the simple question of what is more beautiful than hanging out with friends at a picnic in the embrace of greenery and nature led them to the final location selection for the event. The greenhouse was at the same time the basic starting point for the conceptual design of the event, and from that point onwards, everything is quite simple, despite the large logistics issues.

Pernod Ricard’s basic guideline is to be the best, and consequently try to organise each event to the highest level. With unfamiliar and non-standard locations and a carefully selected approach to decoration, each year they set new standards in the field of “event management” and consequently consolidate their basic vision to be the best with their business partners.

Greenhouse Ljubljana
Photo credit: Matic Kremžar, Pernod Ricard Slovenija

Short interview with Hiša vizij

Hiša vizij is the company that took care of complete technical and conceptual support for the event.

Q: What do you see as the advantage of organizing an event in a location that is not “established”, but a real pop-up venue?
When choosing a location, it is always good to find a new, unestablished venue. In this way, people are even more excited and curious about what will happen, as you are taking them into the unknown. In today’s world, when the routine works for us on a daily basis, it is nice to get to a completely different event in a completely different space.

Q: Did you have absolute free reign in the location of the venue and creative design at the event?
The organisation of events is such that there are always some boundaries set up by the organisers, in which you then have the space for creative design. At the event we had quite free reign, since we have been cooperating with the client for some time and there is 100% trust is among us, which in the end always brings good results.

Greenhouse Ljubljana
Photo credit: Matic Kremžar, Pernod Ricard Slovenija

Q: In your opinion, what is the “magic touch” that makes a space special and really captivates attendees?
There is no one recipe to add a “magic touch” to the venue, as it is always necessary to handle the space. This would be like saying that all interpersonal relationships are simple and they happen, but in most cases a lot of adjustment, compromise and investment is needed to make the relationship special and make a powerful influence. It is the same with a venue. Some places you can feel the energy and immediately know how to install the equipment and the thing works out amazingly, or again in a second venue the equipment turns and turns around to finally reach the moment when it really takes hold of us. If you could point your finger on this “magic touch”, which makes the space special and truly take on a dimension, it would surely point to a set of equipment, lighting and sound systems, and to our team that proudly stands behind all of this.

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