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Terra Mystica in Bad Bleiberg

A multimedia adventure mine of superlatives

The mine tour into the mysterious, wondrous subterranean world begins with a 68m long miner’s slide, from which visitors then proceed on foot and ride on an authentic mining railway. Deep below ground, visitors are treated to a fascinating display of light and sound effects creating the illusion of water and smoke, and depicting the very creation of the earth itself, as well as the healing powers of nature. Throughout the mine there is a thermal tunnel climate of a constant temperature of 9 degrees Celsius that makes you breathe more easily. There is also the option of arranging a treasure hunt in which the adventurous treasure seekers, equipped with a flashlight, can find semi-precious stones that they can take home with them.

Best time of the year:All year round
Number of participants:
Minimum 10
Location:Bleiberg-Nötsch, Austria


Bleiberg-Nötsch 91, 9531 Bleiberg-Nötsch, Austria
T: +43 4244 2255
A: office@terra-mystica.at


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