Flanders Meeting and Convention Centre Antwerp

The topic of the most recent conference that took place in the brand-new conference room Flanders Meeting and Convention Centre Antwerp (FMCCA) was very special indeed: strawberries!

The International Strawberry Congress took place from 6 to 8 September and was a huge success with 300 participants from 25 different countries.

FMCCA, internationally known by the name of A Room with a Zoo, was definitely the ideal location for this strawberry convention. The conservation of nature is a topic that is closely related to what the FMCCA stands for. That is no surprise for a conference centre in the heart of the Antwerp ZOO, a beautiful 19th century animal park. FMCCA is also part of the ZOO Foundation, a house of animal welfare, nature conservation and science. Nature Nurtures, nature strengthens and connects, that is what A Room with a ZOO absolutely believes in.

The International Strawberry Congress was the 15th conference for the FMCCA. On 6 June the Flanders Meeting & Convention Center Antwerp opened its doors.

Almost thirty conferences have already been booked and confirmed now. Associations and conference organisers clearly like the social programme offered by A Room with a ZOO, as well as the accessibility (in the centre of Europe next to an international train station) and the sustainability and Instant CSR propagated by A Room with a ZOO.