Learn more about the herbs and spices used in Carinthian cuisine

Christine Spazier’s Kräuterspatz offers hands-on workshops that get you acquainted with the positive physical effects of the herbs and spices used in Carinthia. Most people aren’t fully aware of how to recognize or use herbs and spices in their everyday life, which Christine wanted to change, so whilst you might have a thousand books in your cupboard it isn’t until you go out into the wild and pick the plants for yourself that you are really able to recognize them. In the workshop you will learn how to determine the plants origin, what benefits you can reap from it, when is the best time to harvest and how you can best use it. In order to give full attention to every participant, the workshops are carried out in smaller groups, but they can also be carried out for organised congress groups or companies. Christine also gives regular insight into the herb world on her online blog or facebook.


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