Montenegro offers many charms with it’s cost, friendly locals and relaxed vibes. For everyone that loves travelling by car and enjoying the scenic view, we recommend the area called The Circuit around Korita.

Route and places of interest on the way

Podgorica – The Monument of Novak Milošev – The Fortress of Medun/The Museum of Marko Miljanov- Ubli – Orahovo – Kučka Korita – Grlo sokolovo – Zatrijebač – Delaj – Stjepovo – Rudine – Fundina – Rašovići


Montenegro‘s Panoramic Roads lead you to the versatile landscape, culture and nature of this small, amiable country. There is a lot to discover on the four different route suggestions ranging between the beautiful Adriatic coast and the wild romantic mountains in the north. “The Circuit around Korita“ – Krug oko Korita – is the first fully signposted panoramic road in Montenegro.

It starts in the capital Podgorica and leads 65 kilometres into the mountainous area of Kuči and to the edge of the Cijevna Canyon.
The tour makes an excellent day trip. A few hours suffice to escape from everyday life and immerse yourself into a different world. The route passes through different landscapes and vegetation and a stretch of land characterized by different cultures and religions. A highlight of the route is the easy hike to the scenic viewpoint “Grlo Sokolovo” (The Falcon’s Gorge).

The Panoramic Road ‘Krug oko Korita’ is paved throughout. A great deal of the route leads along narrow, winding roads. The route leads to a height of 1,400 m above sea level. Therefore, the recommended time to undertake such a journey is the summer, between May and October. Although the Panoramic Road is only 65 kilometres long, you should plan a whole day in order to have sufficient time for all the sights along the way as well as minor detours. You should allow at least 1.5 hours for the light hike to the viewpoint at Grlo Sokolovo.

Interesting fact

The Panoramic Road ‘Krug oko Korita’ leads into an area that is referred to by the locals as Kuči. Kuči, however, is not only the name of the region, as it also denotes the clan inhabiting this area. The Kuči clan is considered unique in the Balkans, because people of three confessions – Orthodox, Catholics and Muslims – live there together peacefully. Respect for family, neighbourhood and for marital relations has a long tradition here


Additional great ideas for the trip

  • Lake Bukumir (Bukumirsko jezero), 50 km (25 km one way), predominantly paved, partly on very narrow roads, with the last section (about 1 km) unpaved.
  •  Lake Rikavac (Rikavačko jezero), 32 km (16 km on way), unpaved mountain roads, suitable only for SUVs/4WDs. The route can also be linked with the trip to Lake Bukumir to form a round trip (about 50 km).

Photo credit: Montenegrin Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism (photo, Karsten Schöpfer).


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