UNICEO® is partnering with the only global event that recognizes the best events of the year.

Bea World will take place this year in Porto, Portugal, 15-18th November 2017.

Debora Piovesan, Vice President at UNICEO, explains: “This partnership with Bea World is a natural progression given that some of our Members have been part of the Jury in past editions. This event is an excellent opportunity to discover new ideas and boost our Members’ creativity by studying hundreds of recent corporate events and focusing on the very best of live communication.

“We are very happy to partner with UNICEO® to further our global positioning in the corporate world” said Salvatore Sagone, CEO of ADC Group, the company in charge of Bea World organization since 2006. “Our Festival is indeed an essential meeting place and networking event where corporate event directors have the chance to get together with heads of event agencies, senior representatives of event associations and trade media from over 29 countries.

It’s a truly rewarding experience and a unique opportunity to see the world’s best-in-class events live, compare their work to that of the competition, stay up-to-date, and learn from industry leading experts. At the same time, UNICEO® provides the best access to leading corporate accounts and potential buyers. Furthermore, we both share the same mission to develop our business and boost our industry”.

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