White Night
Photo credit: Bratislava Convention Bureau

First White Night, named Nuit Blanche, was in 2002 hosted in Paris and by the year 2013 more than two and a half million people have visited it. In within the few years, the project has spread from Paris to various cities around the globe – New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Toronto, Rome, Gaza, Jerusalem, Madrid, Riga, Amsterdam, and others. Zuzana Pacáková first organised the White Night festival in her hometown of Košice and after five successful productions, she decided to bring this amazing festival also to Bratislava.

If you might be wondering why all that fuss about the White Night, let us explain you. The White Night offers visitors an untraditional artistic city walk through the night filled with fascinating experiences and new sensations. On the second night of October, the night becomes the day and people and art fill streets. If you are visiting Bratislava in this period, make sure to get a special map that will guide you through various art spots – from visually attractive installations, concerts, films, theatre pieces, and dance and live performances.

The organisers’ ambition is to point out how untraditional spots and city streets can be transformed by art during one night out. And while being in Bratislava, make sure to see the  Bratislava Castle, Ondrej’s cemetery, Medical Garden, Main Square, UFO and Pyramid in a different light, from a brand new perspective.