Miha Žerko, Chairman of the board

SRC, Slovenian IT company organized the business IT conference last Friday to mark the 30th anniversary of the company which has been a pioneer of the IT since it beginnings. With the theme “Discovering with the heart”, the company paves the journey into the world of digital transformation together with their clients for 30 years and the conference is simply using the formula: great presentations and case studies by some experts from the most successful Slovenian companies and institutions, networking and fun. Simple as that …

The conference, traditionally taking place at Club CD, one of the CD Congress Centre Ljubljana halls with the best view on the city of Ljubljana, showed some inspiring presentation of the IT news and novelties, interesting insights into successfully completed projects in the last year and the participants learned how the best Slovenian companies and institutions handled some of their business challenges with the help of cutting-edge information technology and engage in digital transformation. The conference was also in light of the company SRC jubilee 30th anniversary, marked with some celebratory moments, including the performance of Slovenian musicians Boštjan Gombač and Janez Dovč, marvellous music interprets of modern times and definitely one of the people who are fully committed with all of their heart in their work.

The CD Club has been hosting the annual SRC conference from the first one in 2014 … And why change the formula of success? Choosing the right venue and organizer is sometimes the hardest decision and surely the CD Congress Centre Ljubljana professional team makes the decision easier with their excellent services, superb locations and the view from the CD Club are just stupendous, you have to experience it for yourself.